Double Skin Air Handling Unit has a wider range of application in cooling, heating, humidification and ventilation etc. Climcone Equipments are selected & designed by unique selection software for selecting optimum and high quality designs for our Air Handling Units to provide maximum output. We also offer economy series of Double Skin Air Handling Unit to replace the Single Skin Units. Our standard AHU’s range is from 1000 CFM to 50000 CFM & can also be designed for higher capacity as per customer’s requirement. Our units are extensively used in malls, hotels, offices, schools, industrial projects, complex, hospitals, institutes, government offices and other eco-friendly environment.


Frame Work Mainframe of self - supporting hollow extruded Aluminium profile. Thermal break construction as option.

Frame Panels Double Skin CFC / HFC free PUF injected 25 / 43 /50 / 75 mm thick panels. Various skin options available in plain GSS, prepainted GSS, preplasticised GSS, Aluminium, Stainless steel as per duty requirements.

Fan Section Fan Section contains belts driven DIDW Forward / Backward / Aerofoil Backward curved Centrifugal Blower & direct driven Plug Fans, EC Fans as per requirement.

Fan/Motor Assembly Fan and Motor assembly mounted on common base frame of Extruded Aluminum Profile on vibration isolators.

Coil Section Coil Section designed for CHW / HW / DX high efficiency heat transfer coils.

Drain Pan Dual Slopping Aluminum / Stainless steel drain pan mounted On PUF insulated bottom panel.

Filter Section Flat Filter Section designed for Synthetic pleated pre-filters. Choice of filtration available as per required duty conditions levels.

Scrubber Section Choice of wet & dry scrubber Out door Installation.

Overhead canopy available for outdoor installation.

Optional Sections Mixing chamber - For Fresh Air & Return Air mixing. Manual / Motorized controls- optional.

Filters Micro ‘V’ / Hepa / Bag / EU- 4 /EU- 7 / EU- 9 / EU- 13 / Special Filtrations Filter Section.

Heat Recovery Wheel Section.Spray / Pan Humidification Section. Other Special Sections as per individual customer requirements.